MultiMiner Application

MultiMiner offers its users a simple GUI miner for a variety of different Cryptocurrencies. We strive to be easy to use and transparent. The only fee in MultiMiner is a 2% dev fee.

Coin Partnerships

MultiMiner partners with various different Cryptocurrencies to provide the user with a wide variety of new and old coins to mine. By creating partnerships with coins we expose ourselves to possible future users and it allows us to keep coin algos/wallets/daemons/information up to date.

Mining Pool Management

MultiMiner pools are constantly being worked on, to provide the users with an interesting and unique experience. We aim to make our pool UI easy on the eye as well a sleek an modern. We currently offer management services for coin developers where we manage their DEV pool and split pool fees with them.

MultiMiners Partnered Coins

The MultiMiner team has carefully selected a handful of partner coins that are good representations the MultiMiner brand.

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