Our goal is to bring cryptocurrency mining to the masses. MultiMiner has created an easy to use GUI interface for the most popular mining applications.

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We partner with many currencies in order to bring you the most profitable mining available.


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One of the easiest to use cryptocurrency miners available.

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We keep you up to date with all the most current mining applications

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Where Mining is made simple.
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MultiMiner Application

MultiMiner offers its users a simple GUI miner for a variety of different Cryptocurrencies. We strive to be easy to use and transparent. The only fee in MultiMiner is a 2% dev fee.

Coin Partnerships

MultiMiner partners with various different Cryptocurrencies to provide the user with a wide variety of new and old coins to mine. By creating partnerships with coins we expose ourselves to possible future users and it allows us to keep coin algos/wallets/daemons/information up to date.

Mining Pool Management

MultiMiner pools are constantly being worked on, to provide the users with an interesting and unique experience. We aim to make our pool UI easy on the eye as well a sleek an modern. We currently offer management services for coin developers where we manage their DEV pool and split pool fees with them.

What they say about us

I am new to mining and this is just what I needed to get me started. Just a few clicks and I was mining my first coins! Support is fantastic and fast. Highly recommended.

Corey W.

Easy to use and quick to setup and prompt support. These guys are great! Can’t ask for much more

Sarah A.

Lots of updates! They do a great job of staying current on both coins and mining applications. Finally a place to have easy access to all my miners and wallets in one app!!!

Dean H.

MultiMiner v3.0.0 Released! – Complete Redesign

– A complete redesign of MultiMiner! – New miner stats and graph to show hash rate (Cryptonight Coins Only) – Added the ability to hide the miner window (Cryptonight Coins Only) – Added several new coins to mine, including Ethereum, 2ACoin, Plenteum, PetCoin and more! – Updated our MM-Stak miner to the latest release   Download it now https://multiminer.us/downloads Or if you are using MultiMiner v2.*.* you can just update from within the app To stay up to date on MultiMiner…

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The difference between PROP and PPLNS Payouts – Mining Pools

Prop (Proportional) A proportional pool carries no risk to the pool operator as miners are simply paid out when a block is found. No blocks, no payout! With a Prop pool the risk is all on the miners if it takes longer than expected to find a block then the miners earn less. On the flip side, if the pool is lucky (they will all average out the same eventually) the miners get more. This is in complete contrast to…

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MultiMiner News Update

Growth We are growing faster than ever now and as we are moving toward the release of MultiMiner v3.0 we will be looking for beta testers.  We are also looking to add new reviews to our newly updated website, so if you are using MultiMiner come and give us a review and let us know what you think. As always we are open and wanting suggestions of what you would like to see in the next version. We always try to…

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New Mining Pool – X-CASH

  New X-CASH mining pool https://xcash.arhash.xyz Stable Server in West United States (California) Proven Payouts Fast Payouts – 10 Minute Low Pool Fees – 0.5% Static Difficulty Mine Directly to exchange Set your own payout threshold SSL/TLS port Discord Support Tickets Telegram bot will report via Telegram, when your worker is connected, disconnected or banned, and payments have been made to your wallet. Also you can check pool stats directly from him. Bot name: https://t.me/xcash_arhash_bot Commands: /stats – Pool statistics…

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MultiMiner 2.4.6 is here!

Great news! MultiMiner has gained another endorsement, this time from our friends at Conceal Network. With this news, we are releasing MultiMiner v2.4.6! We have added Conceal Network’s coin as our latest offering to mine on MultiMiner. As always, we hope you enjoy the release and if you have any feedback, let us know or leave us a review. Thank you, The MultiMiner.us Team

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MultiMiners Partnered Coins

The MultiMiner team has carefully selected a handful of partner coins that are good representations the MultiMiner brand.

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