What is MultiMiner?

MultiMiner aims to simplify the process of setting up different mining software for your mining rigs.  By walking users through setting up coin configs for the coin they wish to mine as well as selecting pools and ports to use based on hardware, mining has never been easier.  Users are able to launch the wallet for every coin in  MultiMiner with a simple click as well (Please Note:  MultiMiner simply launches the wallet, it does not touch wallet files or create them it is merely a shortcut to the compiled wallet provided by the coin developers).

MultiMiner utilizes popular mining software, such as our own flavor of xmr-stak, ccminer, claymore and more. The software consists of a fresh easy to use GUI, with over 40 coins to mine and the wallets for all available coins in MultiMiner.  Our goal is to make mining so simple that ANYONE can get mining in a matter of minutes with MultiMiner.


To download MultiMiner, simply accept the user agreement below and then click download once it appears!

MultiMiner Stats!

Imagine being able to run your rig at home and monitor your hash rate, pool uptime and shares while you’re at work, or while you’re on holiday – sounds super cool right?

That is why we are releasing our cool new app, MultiMiner Stats! MultiMiner Stats is a stand alone application that makes monitoring all of your mining rigs simple and easy. MultiMiner Stats allows you to monitor your rigs hashrate locally or remotely (a simple port forward rule will be required for remote monitoring). To begin monitoring your rigs with MultiMiner Stats, simply install the app to a Windows PC that you wish to use for monitoring, enter your mining rig IP address and remote monitoring port (default is 8080, unless using a port forward for remote monitoring) and Bam! You will be able to see your Hash rate, Pool, Pool up time and our stylish Hashrate graph! (Please note currently this only works with Cryptonight/Cryptonight Variant coins.)

Who says monitoring your rigs had to be difficult? MultiMiner Stats has you covered!

MultiMiners Partnered Coins

The MultiMiner team has carefully selected a handful of partner coins that are good representations the MultiMiner brand.

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