Welcome To MultiMiner.us!!

Where mining is made simple! The goal of MultiMiner is to bring mining cryptocurrencies to the masses. Our application makes mining any of the many supported coins easier than you’ve ever thought it could be. Minimal setup, easy to understand instructions, and an easy to use interface. Finally, a cryptocurrency miner that anyone can use! If you’d like to get started right away just visit our Downloads page now!
The team has been working to provide you an even better experience by partnering with coins such as CatalystElyacoinEther-1Ethergem, Festival coin, and ReCoal. As more partnerships come into play we will let our users know.


Many new and exciting coins have been added to the miner in order to help maximize your earning potential with MultiMiner. Our dev is constantly at work improving and updating the application to make your experience the best possible. We are also adding new talent to the team in order to bring more features to the application. We have also added a new support feature with our new Support Tickets page. If you have any problems with the app you can always put in a support ticket and we will get back to your shortly after. We are also always looking for more suggestions to make MultiMiner a better application so please feel free to email us, hit us up on twitter, or on our Reddit page.